Kai Greene Steroids Or Natural

Kai Greene full name is Leslie Kai Greee also known as “The Predator”.

Kaai Greene

He is one of the greatest bodybuilder of the modern era.

Kai has won various competitions and recognized around the world for an incredible physique.

He launched his own brand of supplement in the year 2015.

Kai Greene experienced a tough childhood at the age of 6.

The person who has the biggest dreams is more powerful as compared to an individual’s who already have their answers.

How Kai Greene Start Bodybuilding?

When Kai started training in the gym, so he realized that he has a great genetics in growing muscles as compare to others.

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Kai got his motivation through his teacher who encouraged him to compete in teen shows.

This motivation turns his life completely.

Kai has won the 11 professional competitions.

Pro Card In A Natural Bodybuilding Federation:

Kai participated in numerous bodybuilding teen shows and at the age of 19, he earned his Pro card.

Kaai Greene BodybuilderNPC Competition:

After developing his physique, he comes back with an incredible physique and placing in the big leagues.

At the age of 22 he appeared on stage for NPC Team Universe Championships in the year 1997.

He just made a name in IFBB and one of the greatest physiques in the world.

Kai also won the Arnold classic in the year 2009 and the Mr. Olympia competition.

Athlete Statistics Of Kai Greene:
  • Weight of the body: 260lbs-275lbs (117.9-124.7kg)
  • Competition weight: 285lbs
  • Off-season weight: 310lbs
  • Height of the body: 5’8’’ (172.5cm)

Body measurements:

  • Arms: 22’’
  • Chest: 58’’
  • Thighs: 33’’

In early interviews, Kai mentioned that it was important for me to steroid free bodybuilder and completely natural, but I did not want natural smaller look.

The steroid use does not sound a big deal when we talk about a bodybuilder and professional athletes.

If we talk about the natural standard, so 5’8’’ height man can gain the 156Ib naturally.

Kai Greene weight is 110Ib is more than the normal range.

The training and diet play a role, but it is wondering to jack 110Ib

Kai Greene with 5’8’’ height, making a remarkable amount of weight and muscle.

It seems like putting too much on such a small frame.

There are many questions raised by the peoples related to physical appearance and ask about whether he is natural or on the steroids?

Have you ever thought that Kai Greene took steroids?

Moreover, this is a most common question asked by the professional bodybuilders because their physique look unreal.

But there are many bodybuilders who can naturally develop their physique.

Kaai Greene Mr Olympia

Making assumptions and looking for evidence can be a slippery slope.

Physical Evidences:

1. HGH Gut: (Positive)

Kai has large, distended and muscular belly, which is a sign of drug.

The use of insulin and HGH developed the steroid gut.

Before trying see the review of Genf20 Plus for your anti aging, weight loss and bodybuilding needs you need to first be aware of any potential adverse reactions.

Large or oversized bellies can also develop through eating a lot of foods.

There is a more chance of large bellies in the shorter men.

2. Wide Traps: Positive

The steroid users mostly have the large, 3D like shoulders, a wide waist and bigger traps.

Kai Greene Diet:

Kai bulking stage allows him to eat 10 meals per day in combination with training.

This is common among the bodybuilders that they eat a lot whenever their aim for bulking.

Kai Greene is not eating simple, he eats a lot through the day.

Off-Season Diet:

Kaai Green Workout TrainingThe quantity of the diet depends upon the energy requirement of the body, energy for performing the workouts and for the growth of muscle.

Phentermine weight loss helps many bodybuilders and athletes to get lean body with massive muscle mass.

The off-season diet is mainly based on the protein and fat source

His diet is incorporated with five meals including tuna, chicken and steak.

Pre Competition Weight:

Kai Greene pre competition diet contained 7 meals per day in which the major source is protein.

The food contributes to develop a large body, an intense workout converts the fat to muscle.

The Kai aim is to provide the 1.5g protein per Lb of bodyweight to maximize the muscle growth.

He commonly focused on the bulking diet and pre contest diet.

Kai loves to shock his body through the cheating meals.

Kai Greene Workout Training:

Kai Greene knows the importance of warming up.

He spends 15 to 20 minutes on the stretching and training Abs.

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Kai has a slightly different workout training than other bodybuilders.

He believes that the lifting of heavy weight and few reps can grow the muscle.

Higher volumes through using light weight can also maximize the growth of muscle.

The Kai training session is consisted 5 day workout and does 3-4 high rep sets for each exercise.

Kai Steroids:

Kai Greene could have used the testosterone pills, HGH supplements, dbalTrenbolone and Androl.

The purpose of these steroids are bulking, provide strength, harden the muscle, inhibit the estrogen effects and increase the endurance level


Kai Greene, a professional bodybuilder has reached the maximum level in terms of building muscle.

Kaai Greene Bodybuilding

For the average men’s it becomes hard to achieve.

It is possible to gain through hard training, eating a clean diet and correct selection of the supplements.

He has not accepted the use of steroids, but his physical appearance shows like something on steroids.


Our article is just based on the assumptions and physical evidence.

There is no proof that Kai Greene actually used the steroids and other drugs.

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